Equal Piece of the Pie

With a sacred food such as pizza, it is important to make sure that your sibling doesn’t get more of the pie than you do!  When the pizza arrives, how can you make sure that you’re getting the same amount as they do, and that you’re not getting skimped? Let’s say that you, your brother, […]

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Integers and the National Debt

How can you have negative of something?  It is a common question that grade school kids ask their teachers and parents.  It can be hard to comprehend, but it becomes clearer if you think about in terms of borrowing and paying back. If I give you two candy bars, and we agree that you must […]

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It’s a Numbers Game

In sports, especially baseball, numbers are integral in determining which team wins a game, how much money a player will earn in his next contract, how valuable a player is to their team, and so much more.  Not only are the players who create the statistical numbers on the playing field important, but the people who […]

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Cooking with Fractions

It happens at least once a week, “what’s one half of one third?” yells my wife Emily as she’s trying to measure out the exact amount of chicken broth that our soup recipe calls for.  Without knowledge of how fractions add, subtract, multiply, and divide together, cooking can be a real challenge!  Dealing with teaspoons, […]

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Quick Mental Math Using Base 10

I was recently exploring ancient numerical systems, and  realized how grateful I am for the standard base 10 system that we commonly teach in our schools today.  Just take a look at this series of symbols that was used in the ancient Babylonian base 60 system: Upon first glance, it’s enough to make your head […]

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Visual Learning & Teaching in the Math Classroom

When faced with a challenging math problem, it’s likely that your natural reaction is to cringe, experience a hot flash, and immediately begin to search for the nearest exit!  However, if you allow yourself to think differently about the problem at hand, you shouldn’t have as much to fear.  There are many tools available to […]

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