Equal Piece of the Pie

With a sacred food such as pizza, it is important to make sure that your sibling doesn’t get more of the pie than you do!  When the pizza arrives, how can you make sure that you’re getting the same amount as they do, and that you’re not getting skimped?

Let’s say that you, your brother, and your parents are going to share a pepperoni pizza from your local pizzeria.  The pizza is cut into eight equal pieces, and you want to be sure that everybody gets the same amount.  Being the inventive mathematician that you are, you start grabbing pieces one by one and placing them in clockwise order on each person’s plate, and you find out that each person gets two pieces (or 1/4 of the pizza), an equal amount!  If the pizza was cut into four pieces, you would each get the same amount of pizza but you would each get only one piece.  To learn more about pizza and equivalent fractions, check out this video!

One week later, you order the same eight slice pepperoni pizza, but your mom had to travel out of town so it’s just the three of you sharing the pizza.  You quickly see that two people will get three slices, while one person gets stuck with only two pieces, oh no!  But you come up with another inventive plan to solve the problem!  You put two pieces of pizza on each person’s plate, then you cut each of the two remaining slices into three equal parts.  You then place two of the skinny pieces on each person’s plate giving them two big pieces and two skinny pieces (or 1/3 of the pizza), an equal amount!

It’s important to stay sharp on your fraction skills, especially when there’s pizza on the line, check out this website with fun math games to continue the learning!


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