Cooking with Fractions

It happens at least once a week, “what’s one half of one third?” yells my wife Emily as she’s trying to measure out the exact amount of chicken broth that our soup recipe calls for.  Without knowledge of how fractions add, subtract, multiply, and divide together, cooking can be a real challenge!  Dealing with teaspoons, tablespoons, measuring cups, pitchers, quarts, gallons, and many other measuring instruments, can be confusing, and that’s why it’s important to keep your fraction skills sharp!  That’s not even mentioning the words numerator, denominator, and mixed number, they bring back nightmares from third grade math class for many adults!

There are plenty of websites and charts available that can help you make conversions easy, but what do you do when your hands are full of sauce, you’ve got two burners going, and you need a quick conversion ?  That’s where you and many others need a little bit of assistance on quick tips!

Lots of people have trouble working out measurement problems in the kitchen, but have no fear, the math chef is here to help you in the fun video!  He offers up a lot of great tips and tricks to help you better remember conversions in the kitchen.

With a little bit of practice and some time spent refreshing your knowledge of fractions, you’ll be converting everything you need in no time!  It’s important to remember all of the practical applications that we have for math in our daily lives.  Whether it’s in the kitchen, in the workshop, or at the grocery store, it seems that our need for math skills is never in short demand.


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